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The After Party


The After Party is my way of thanking you for booking me!

It's a reward scheme to thank you for being so awesome, only with rewards that are more fun than regular day to day things!

Hmmm, tell me more...

It is really simple, if at any point you feel inclined to recommend me to a friend or family member or that sweet slightly drunk woman you just met in the loo who told you she was getting married (it's not just me who has those conversations right?) and then the person you've recommended goes on to book me for their wedding – you get a free hair or makeup service done by me – we also get to hang out for a bit more which is great because I hate goodbyes! 

Sure Alev, sounds great but what's the catch?

 No catch my lovely one. You can use this reward system as many times as you like! All services are to be taken at my home address in Goffs Oak and just subject to me not being booked on another wedding/out of the country/on set (you get the gist) and just for the sake of saying it, your service can't be exchanged for any kind of cash equivalent. You just need to make sure the person booking me name drops you at some point. 

Well that all looks fab, sign me up!

 So it really is as simple as that, all you have to do now is get recommending. Also sending me your images after your wedding can really help as I can feature you on my Real Brides page, and you never know who will recognise you, while you're chilling and the free hair or makeup will be coming your way!